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I have just visited Hamburg. What a beautiful and fascinating city. To my mind it is one of the most special cities in Germany.
With its very busy and active port

old red brick buildings

and then the super modern buildings.

Its star is the Elbe Philharmonie designed by Herzog and de Muerron
It is a most amazing building, with a strong red brick base and the light, glass structure above.

The concert hall there is state of the art. The orchestra sits in the middle of an enormous room with the audience in tiers around it. The acoustics are amazing

One of the balconies has an undulating glass curtain.
You look out onto the canals and docks.

Walking along the residential streets, the houses very much built in a Baltic architecture style.

St Pauli is the red light district. There is a lot of graffiti and interesting street art

Hamburg is a dynamic port city with a great history and a commitment to build for the future. Well worth a visit.

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