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My world of food

Stories and recipes from a life well travelled

manuela darling family picnic in the Caspian sea. Her story as a food and travel writer

Manuela Darling-Gansser is a keen traveller, passionate cook and a writer of food and travel books. She has produced seven acclaimed books featuring food, culture and life in Piemonte,Sardegna, the Swiss Alps, Sicily and Iran . Her latest book on travels in Iran and Persian food was recently awarded Best Book in the Food and Travel section of the International Travel Book Show in Berlin.

Manuela was born in Lugano, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland where her grandfather had a famous restaurant. There were serious cooks in the family for over 130 years, so cooking is in her blood. Her first 9 years were lived in Tehran in a’ Paradise Garden’ surrounding her family home. Memories of the garden and the exotic Persian food she enjoyed then are strong and inspire her even today.

She now lives between Switzerland, Sydney and Central Tilba ( where she has a large vegetable garden and keeps chickens and bees and makes her own plates). Her books have been translated into several languages.


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