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Knit your own vegetables

I do miss my Tilba vegetable garden when I am in Sydney. On my roof terrace at Bondi I have some herbs and a few vegetables but it is not the same as the abundance down there.
In a mood of nostalgia I saw in the back of my cupboard a wonderful array of vegetables, only these were not fresh but knitted, made over 45 years ago when I was living in Melbourne. They brought a smile to my face as I remembered how they came about.

A friend of mine owned a furniture shop selling very modern, hard-edge furniture. all beautifully made with super clean lines. She asked me to help mind the shop while she went on a buying trip.
I thought the shop window needed something a bit different , something striking to attract customers. My solution was to knit some vegetables and exhibit them in a bowl in the window.
The customer reaction was striking – they all wanted to buy the vegetables ( not so much the furniture.) It was a different story when my friend returned . With her love of clean modern lines she definitely did not think the vegetables were appropriate so they were removed from the window and I was asked to take them home where they have remained ever since, forgotten until I found them again the other day.
The moral of this story? If you are ever in need of something bright and attractive to put in the window of your life , maybe you could knit some vegetables.

The famous vegetables – fresh as ever.

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