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To my great sadness, my brother Luca passed away the other day. He was the most wonderful, generous and creative person. We were very close and I will miss him terribly. Here Luca is painting in his studio in Viterbo days before his death.

We decided to have a big get together with my brother and sisters, nieces and nephews to celebrate Luca’s life.
It was a beautiful day in Zürich and everybody brought a dish. The table was overfilled with the most delicious plates.

It was difficult to get all the dishes in the picture!

Don Mario, Don Michele and Don Sergio giving the food a big ‘ tic’

We sat together remembering all sorts of stories about Luca. He lived such a full life all over the world, painting wherever he lived, finally also setting up an art school in Dili, East Timor.
Vera, Gabi, Rogerio and Lissa

Lissa, Sheena, Lenni, Ursula and Andres

Here Mario and Lucio, Fabienne, Rosanna and Vera are enjoying the spread of food.

We had a mass of old photographs of Luca. Vera, Mario and Sambo looking and remembering.

Some of us sat in the garden.

It was a very beautiful day, so sad but with lots of amazing memories.
I will miss you Luca xxx

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