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city of Zurich with Grossmünster church
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My Zürich

Let me give you little snapshot of my Zürich, the city where i grew up.

Zürich is a sophisticated, very international city in northern Switzerland sited on the banks of a fast-flowing river and a large lake. With a population of just over 400'000 Zurich is small as cities go but has all the features of a much larger centre.

There are rich cultural offerings - an Opera House, a new Concert hall, art galleries and a famous university. Known world-wide for its financial services it is a wealthy city with the shops, restaurants and cafes that service those who live there or visit

I especially love the old part of town where well cared-for buildings can date back centuries. Situated on both sides of the river Limmat that runs through the city are a maze of mostly narrow streets. There you find all the small artisan shops which are a world away from the big brand offerings on the Bahnhofstrasse, the main street. In the old town you can still see the skilled artisans at work - bookbinders, goldsmiths, carpenters, weavers, repairers of musical instruments. Its a glimpse of a much earlier world. Walking down the narrow little streets you can come across the hidden places - a beautiful enclosed garden, a restaurant in a courtyard under enormous linden trees, small vendors of fresh fruit, vegetables or flowers . Everything is so beautifully presented it makes very hard to choose.

You can swim anywhere along the lake ( there are no restrictions ) and the waters are super clean and surprisingly warm in summer. Or you can go to specially designed bathing spots where there will be changing cubicles, showers and delicious little restaurants that go to the water's edge. In the city itself restaurants and cafes blossom with outdoor tables and umbrellas. Zurich in the summer is a real surprise.

  1. The river Limmat runs through the old town

    the river with old buildings and churches
  2. Looking down the river from the lake with the famous Grossmünster church on the right

    river view with boats
  3. One of the many fountains around the city with delicious cold drinking water

    house with fountain in front
  4. The Neumarkt area - a small square in the old town.

    old tower with red house in front
  5. Narrow streets criss-cross the old town

    coloured houses in narrow alley
  6. A small gem of a hidden garden

    hidden garden
  7. A narrow walkway on banks of the river

    covered narrow walk along river
  8. A beautiful display from a local fruit and vegetable shop

    vegetables in front of shop
  9. A small cobbled square with its old linden tree

    coloured buildings with 2 people in front
  10. A casual open air restaurant in a field on the hill behind the city

    tables with umbrellas on grass
  11. Small specialty shops on a square

    shop on narrow street
  12. A formal garden just below the ETH university

    flower garden
  13. One of the special bathing areas on the lake

    lake with beach
  14. A street scene with a beautiful fountain full of flowers just a short block away from the city centre

    street with Swiss flags and fountain
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