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pasta with fresh, raw tomatoes and basilico
  • mains

Summer pasta with pomodorini freschi

This is a wonderful summer pasta dish that uses the flavours of fresh tomatoes and basil when they are at their peak.
  • Ingredients
  • little tomatoes
  • salt and a little crushed garlic
  • fresh basilico
  • half a cup of very good olive oil
  • black pepper
  • fettuccelle or any pasta you fancy
  1. pick your little tomatoes

  2. cut them in half or quarters depending on size

  3. put them in a bowl

  4. add some salt and a little crushed garlic

  5. cut the fresh basilico roughly – be generous with it

  6. mix in about half a cup of very good olive oil and some black pepper

  7. boil water and salt in a large pot for the pasta, cook the pasta until ‘al dente’

  8. I used ‘fettuccelle’ but you can use any pasta you fancy

  9. drain the pasta keeping half a cup of the water

  10. put the pasta in a bowl, add the water and now the tomato mix

  11. the heat of the pasta will release the flavour of the tomatoes and baslico

  12. add a little more olive oil and serve

  13. Buon appetito!!

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