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Spring in Sicily - Soft Cover

Spring in Sicily - Soft Cover

Spring in Sicily: “Food from an Ancient Island” is the fascinating story of Manuela’s travels around one of the world’s rich and exotic destinations. With a deep and varied history: The Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Moors, Normans, Spaniards, French have all left their mark over the centuries. All this is on display in the special foods of the Island. Follow manuela as she explores old Palermo and its markets, travels the Tuna coast, finds organic olive oils, tries old Marsala wine, discovers the origins of pasta and tastes wonderful cheeses and wines. Along the way she visits the ‘miracle’ Baroque town of Modica and Noto, explores the beautifully preserved island of Ortigia, and travels around Mt Etna with its fertile soils and ever present danger of eruption. She sails off to the remote island of Salina, the home of capers and Malvasia wine. It is a wonderful journey done with Manuela’s unique personal style that will bring many delights of Sicily vividly alive for you. Try the over 50 recipes and experience Sicily at home.



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